President Message


President Message

Dear DAVians, associates and sports enthusiasts.
"Sportsmanship is the ethical and moral dimension of sports. It is demonstrated by a number of attributes and attitudes such as fair play, respect for the rules and traditions of the sport and various traits of good character including integrity; demonstrated respect for others including teammates, opponents, officials and spectators, accountability, self-control and graciousness in victory and defeat ."

I'm thrilled to welcome you to DAV Sports' official website. As the DAV organization's president, I'm honoured to head a group that is effectuated to underpinning and augmenting sports activities across the country in over 25 sporting events at the cluster, zonal, and national levels. Another conspicuous chrysalis I'd like to allude to is that, whereas earlier DAV sports and games contests were cognate with the SGFI, our sports have most recently accrued formal accreditation from the Ministry of Youth Affairs and Sports.

We, at DAV Sports, unflinchingly ween in sports' capacity to change people's lives. Our organisation is resolute in vouchsafing athletes of all ages and abilities a forum to ferret out their love of sports and cognize their full potential. We anticipate to spawn a love of sports, buoy up physical fitness, and instil appreciable ethics in our participants through our capacious array of sports programmes and activities.
Our website serves as a central repository for all information and resources related to DAV Sports. You can peruse our expansive list of sporting events, upcoming activities, and opportunities to get involved here. Whether you enjoy team sports like basketball, cricket, or volleyball or individual ones like tennis, swimming, or athletics, we have activities for all levels of athletes.
We take great pride in our group of physical education instructors, coaches, and trainers that are dedicated to giving our players the best instruction and direction possible. Along with honing their skills, they place an acute accentuation on the virtues of teamwork, restraint, and sportsmanship for we take as gospel~“Sports can bring people together as nothing else can. It breaks down all barriers and builds up understanding and friendships.”
Furthermore, I can confirm that DAV Sports is making an effort to engage its alumni in sports, as their participation in international competitions and the Olympics would obviously be crucial to the survival and growth of the organisation.
As a result, I cordially urge you to browse our website and make advantage of the resources we provide. Keep up with the most recent news, achievements, and accomplishments of our athletes. Come celebrate their successes with us and support them as they pursue their sports goals.
I would want to convey my gratitude to all of our members, sponsors, and supporters who have accorded pronouncedly to the success and inclusivity of DAV Sports. Through the power of athletics, we can continue to have a good ascendancy in people's lives.
I appreciate you stopping by our website, and I hope to see you out on the pitch soon!
“Victory is in having done your best. If you’ve done your best, you’ve won”.

Warmest greetings and blessings.

Dr Punam Suri
President DAVCMC, New Delhi.